The hospital, clinic, or laboratory is one of those workplaces where the uniform of its employees is of limitless importance. Tanner’s Inc. understands that.

Hospital uniforms must be easily cleaned, high-quality, and simple. When you work in the medical field, you want your clothing to give off the impression that you are an educated professional who knows what they are doing. Your uniform must give you authority. It must convey to everyone around you that you are here to help and that you are dedicated to the cause of helping others.

Here at Tanner’s, we appreciate the work of medical personnel. In turn, we work to make sure the uniforms we provide are the cream of the crop. Our uniforms are top-notch, designed by trained specialists and manufactured by state-of-the-art technology.

Just like the medical field is a diverse place with many distinct specializations, we too offer unique and specialized clothing to meet the needs of any and all healthcare professionals.

Here are some examples of the medical clothing we proudly provide, all of which can be modified with our screen-printing and embroidery expertise:

  • Scrub Tops
  • Scrub Pants
  • Scrub Jackets
  • Labcoats