Our trained professionals at Tanner’s Inc. boast more than 20 years of service in the screen-printing and embroidery industry. We combine tried and true small business ideals with the extended reach of the Internet in order to provide affordable, high-quality service.

We have an eye for design. We understand how to tailor our work specifically to the individual needs of our clients, placing merit in the value of detail. Your satisfaction with our work in providing you screen-printed and embroidered apparel is guaranteed.

One of the subjects we specialize in specifically is the embroidery of labcoats for use in healthcare and scientific occupations. If you are in need of labcoats, please come to us for the added benefit of being able to include your own specially designed logo, pattern, or label into your product.

Our delicate embroidery will add an air of legitimacy and reliability to your professional garb. We can supply your practice, institution, facility, or place of business with any and all of your labcoat embroidery needs.

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