Scrubs are the uniform of the healthcare professionals who dedicate their lives to helping others and serving those in need. They are a utilitarian piece of clothing which must weather wear and tear during long hours of work. They have to be easy to clean, comfortable, and easily stored.

Scrubs are a relatively modern invention which have resulted from a long line of sanitary clothing. The attire of nurses, doctors, surgeons, and other medical personnel have evolved over the years to become more clean and safe, reflecting the evolution of medical science itself as more knowledge has been gained on how to prevent the spread of disease in society.

Tanner’s Inc. understands the complex needs of the kind of professional who wears scrubs. That’s why Tanner’s Inc. is proud to supply those professionals with a diverse arrangement of different kinds of scrubs to support different kinds of needs. Our scrubs are made with quality, care, and attention. If you are in need of medical wear for your practice, laboratory, or clinic, then look no further than Tanner’s.

Here are some of the different types of scrubs we supply here at Tanner’s Inc: