Smitten scrubs are a hot fashion trend in the medical field. These scrubs are made for women that don’t want to be drab in the workplace. Smitten says, “it’s not just about style, it’s an attitude.” Smitten scrubs are for women who are fun, professional, smart, and confident.

Smitten scrubs are comfortable and made with a polyester and spandex blend that ensures comfort and mobility throughout the workday. Smitten scrubs come in a variety of colors and at Tanner’s Inc. we can personalize them for any medical field, office, or person.

Smitten offers unique details like pops of color, pretty or edgy elements, and innovative designs. Smitten scrubs fit well and are functional. The scrub pants flatter the figure, but have lots of pockets. The scrub shirts are stylish, comfortable, and fit like a glove. We understand how important it is to look, feel, and exude professionalism at work, and that’s why we carry Smitten scrubs at Tanner’s Inc.

Fashion does not have to be a sacrifice to function when it comes to medical attire. Smitten scrubs encompass both functionality and style for women in the medical field. We carry these quality scrubs at Tanner’s Inc. and understand that our medical professionals should feel good while at work. Medical professionals work tirelessly to make sure everyone else is taken care of and feels good.

You should feel good too! These scrubs are unique, fun, stylish, and comfortably functional. With customized embroidery they’ll be perfect for yourself, your staff, your medical office, or any hospital. A medical professional that feels confident, exudes professionalism, and is comfortable will make patients feel even better while in her care.

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