Middle school is a time of great change for most kids. This time in a child’s life can be full of questions and a time of identifying him or herself to the world. Middle school can be full of peer pressure as well. School uniforms help to mitigate some of this by taking away pressure from kids to fit in with their clothes. When a school chooses to have uniforms, students are more cohesive, bullying rates go down, and everyone is on the same playing field.

Kids who wear middle school uniforms learn to express their individuality in ways other than their dress. This might include hobbies like sports or music which can have a greater positive effect on kids later in life. By removing dress pressure from kids, uniforms can allow your child to more easily express their individuality through showing their personalities.

Teamwork is also increased when kids wear uniforms to middle school. School spirit is increased and kids feel like they’re a part of something bigger than themselves. Your children might be more excited to go to school and learn if their peers appear to be more like them. Removing casual dress, and implementing school uniforms puts all of the kids on the same level socially.

Additionally, schools that use uniforms report less truancy, increased attendance, and less distraction in the classroom. School uniforms allow children to focus on school rather than what their peers are wearing.

At Tanner’s Inc. we understand the importance of fitting in during formative school years. We have high quality school uniforms available at affordable rates. We can customize polo shirts, t-shirts, and uniforms for your child’s school. T-shirts are fun for school sports, school pride, or other fundraising events.

If your child’s middle school currently has, or is considering school uniforms, Tanner’s Inc. can help by supplying high quality customized (by embroidery or screen print) school uniforms.

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