Tanner’s, Inc. is proud of its reputation for fast, hassle-free delivery and top-notch service. We are happy to serve customers in the Plant City, Lakeland, Ruskin, Riverview, Apollo Beach, and Tampa areas. Below is a list of the services that Tanner’s Inc provides to our clientele.

Design Your Own Shirt!

There’s nothing like a T-shirt that you designed yourself! Get shirts made for corporate events, birthday parties, and even kindergarten graduation. The sky’s the limit!

We love when customers come to us with ideas – and there are plenty of possibilities! It can be a shirt for that special someone to remember you by on a long trip away from home, to honor a loved one who has passed away, or to announce that you’ve become a parent. Call or send us an email. We want to hear what you have in mind!

Embroidery/Contract Embroidery

We offer easy-to-care-for fabrics for your promotional wearables. Want pockets? No problem. Need something in snag-proof fabric, or no-shrink? We have those and more!

Make your next promotional event something special. Whether you’re just starting out, or a big shot in your chosen profession, we want your order to be exactly what you asked for. Just ask for a sample so you can approve the design before we complete the order.

Screen Printing

Whether it’s basketball uniforms or a commemorative jacket, we’d like to make sure you get what you want, and that it’s done well! We also screen-print T-shirts.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Just Wearables or Towels!

We also print designs on drinkware, electronics, and calendars. Want to get a special pen or other writing instrument for the designer or writer in your life? Give us a call or send an email with your ideas. Tanner’s, Inc. also prints designs for food gifts and desktop items. Contact us and let us know what you want. We’ll make sure you get a high-quality product with a personalized touch.

Custom designed artwork and logos

Custom-designed displays and banners let your personality or company stand out. If you want something custom-designed, let us know. We love doing that kind of work!
If you’re not sure of what you want, we’ll help you come up with something. We want to help make your custom artwork a reality!


Uniforms define a team, a group of people with a common goal. Medical professionals, students, and teams all wear uniforms to show they are a part of a group. When an individual wears a uniform, it shows unity with the group, allows for a sense of importance, and enables success. We at Tanner’s Inc. provide durable, professional, and easy to clean uniforms at an affordable price. The added benefit of purchasing your uniforms at Tanner’s Inc. is the choice to customize the uniform to your needs. We can customize uniforms with screen printing or embroidery and stand behind everything we sell and produce. Your satisfaction is our number one goal!

Sports Uniforms

Whether you play basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer, golf, tennis, or any sport Tanner’s Inc. has a quality, durable, easy to clean, sleek looking uniforms to fit your sports needs. Uniforms are the visual element of a sports team and help to create team cohesion. When teams have quality uniforms that allow them to identify each other on the playing field, they can excel at their sport. We can customize your team’s uniform with embroidery or screen printing. We welcome artwork that is already drawn up or we can help to create an awesome art piece as well!

Medical Uniforms

Scrubs and lab coats are the uniforms of medical professionals. We understand that medical professionals need comfortable, easy to clean, durable, functional, and professional uniforms. This might seem like a tall order, but not for Tanner’s Inc. We carry the highest quality scrubs and lab coats to serve your needs. We can also personalize or customize your medical uniforms with your name or company logo/name depending on what you require. We guarantee our work and will make sure you’re satisfied with the finished product. We’re here to serve you.

Lab Coats

Science and medical professionals need quality lab coats. Lab coats should be easy to clean, durable, and professional. At Tanner’s Inc. we carry quality lab coats. When you purchase your lab coats from Tanner’s Inc. you have the added bonus of being able to customize or personalize your lab coat with your company’s name or logo and/or your name. We understand that having an air of authority and legitimacy is important in your field of work and we strive to meet your needs on every level.

School Uniforms

When a student wears a school uniform so much pressure is taken off of the student to fit in with their classmates based on clothing alone. School uniforms transform the school from a socially dominate environment to a learning environment, the way school should be! Schools that have uniforms have higher school spirit, student cohesion, and student confidence. At Tanner’s Inc. we carry high quality affordable school uniforms for elementary, middle, and high school. We can personalize school uniforms with the student’s name or school name based on your needs. We have over 20 years of experience with embroidery and screen printing and customer service is our highest priority.

Elementary School Uniforms

When students wear uniforms in elementary school the rates of bullying decrease. Students learn from an early age how important a neat appearance, discipline, and school spirit are. These are strengths that will help them later in life.

Middle School Uniforms

When students wear uniforms in middle school they are taught to show their personalities in ways other than dress. Students can express who they are in constructive ways like sports or hobbies. School spirit and team work are also better in middles schools that have school uniforms.

High School Uniforms

When students wear uniforms in high school there is less risk of school violence and safety rates increase. Without the ability to define themselves through clothing, gang members are unable to show their colors at school. Higher rates of success, school pride, student self-esteem, and team work are also higher in high schools that have school uniforms.

Team Sports Apparel

Sports teams and fans alike need quality sports apparel. Whether you’re looking for team uniforms or you’re a fan of a sports team, Tanner’s Inc. has you covered! We carry high quality uniforms and apparel for your needs! We understand that athletes work hard on the playing field and need durable, easy to clean, sleek uniforms. We can customize your team’s uniforms with your team name, individual numbers, team member names, etc. We have over 20 years of experience with embroidery and screen printing. Sports fans aren’t left out either, we have everything you need to show your team spirit and support in our wide selection of customizable products such as t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, etc.

Hospital Uniforms

At Tanner’s Inc. we understand how bustling a hospital environment can be. Medical professionals that work in a hospital have other things to think about rather than their uniforms! We provide durable and function hospital scrubs and lab coats to serve your needs. Our uniforms are also comfortable and stylish, guaranteeing that you’ll look professional while having the freedom to move and work comfortably in your uniform. Tanner’s Inc. can also customize or personalize your uniforms with your hospital’s name or logo and/or your name and title. We know how hard you work to take care of everybody else, let us take care of you!


Over the years scrubs have evolved to be safer, more comfortable, and more functional for the medical professionals that wear them. At Tanner’s Inc. we carry a variety of top-of-the-line scrubs for you to choose from. All of our scrubs are easy to clean, stylish, and professional. Tanner’s Inc. can also customize your scrubs with any logo, name, or title that you need.

Landau Scrubs

Scrubs by Landau are simple but stylish. They come in a large variety of prints and solid colors. They are high quality and well made with the best fabrics available for scrubs. Landau scrubs also come in a variety of fits and styles.

Urbane Scrubs

Scrubs by Urbane are a little more colorful, coming in solid colors or two-tone colors. Urbane scrubs are exclusively made for women and come in large variety of styles, cuts, and fits. Urbane scrubs have lots of pockets and delicate details that give a little more personality to the uniform. Urbane scrubs are perfect for the woman that wants to look professional yet have a little bit of subtle style in her uniform.

Smitten Scrubs

Scrubs by Smitten allow a medical professional woman to really show off her personality through her uniform. Smitten scrubs are for the confident woman who also wants to look and feel professional. These scrubs come with bright pops of color, edgy details, and innovative designs. Smitten scrubs are a little more fitted and come in a polyester/spandex blend to allow for comfortable yet functional movement.

Reunion T-Shirts

Tanner’s Inc. understands how important family reunions are. We know that it’s vital to make sure everyone feels included in the event and we can help! At Tanner’s Inc. we can help you design custom family reunion t-shirts that are sure to wow each member of your family whether they’re original family members or new to the group. Custom family reunion t-shirts are a great way to remember the reunion for years to come!