Tanner’s Inc. isn’t your typical embroidery and screen printing shop. Our attention to detail, excellent customer service, and our dedication to our product allow us to stand out from our competitors. We have over 20 years of experience with screen printing and embroidery and take a lot of pride in our craft.

At Tanner’s Inc. we use state of the art equipment and top quality materials. We will provide samples of our work upon request. We have provided customized wearable and promotional products to several businesses, companies, and organizations in the community.

Our services are guaranteed! We promise accurate, easy ordering, fast but precise production, on time delivery, great communication, and we guarantee your finished product will be exactly what you wanted! If you’re in the Tampa, FL area, stop by and see us!

Custom Artwork & Logos

Did inspiration strike, and you’ve suddenly realized exactly what the new company logo should be? Maybe you have an idea for a piece of custom artwork but aren’t sure where to go to make it real? Call or email Tanner’s, Inc. and our staff will work with you to make your dream come true! You can even have us send you a sample before they fulfill the order so you can give it your approval.

Screen Printing

Looking to make a commemorative T-shirt? Want to get a personalized bag for the for your team? Tanner’s can do that! We’ll make sure you get a great product with a personalized touch that lives up to the high standards of quality people have come to associate with Tanner’s.


Tanner’s, Inc. offers contract embroidery for those times when you want something a little extra special. You can also pick what type of fabric you want for the order – there’s a variety to choose from, so there’s bound to be something you like!

T-Shirt Design

Have a design you’re itching to put on a t-shirt? Is it a custom piece or just an idea? At Tanner’s Inc. we can help you make your vision a reality. We have over 20 years of experience with screen printing and customer service is our number one priority. We can help finalize a design for a custom t-shirt or you can easily upload your file for screen printing. We love brainstorming ideas with clients and will be more than happy to help your design come to life!


Uniforms identify individuals of the same rank, group, or organization. When an individual wears a uniform it signifies a belonging and pride in the group he or she is a part of. At Tanner’s Inc. we understand that uniforms need to be pristine, comfortable, and sharp. We carry a variety of uniforms for students, sports, and medical professionals.

Sports Uniforms

Tanner’s Inc. carries the best uniforms for individual players or teams. We have uniforms for soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, golf, and many others. We know that your uniforms need to be professional, matching, and easy to move around in. Our uniforms are breathable and light, comfortable and sleek. We can personalize your sports uniforms with embroidery or screen printing.

Medical Uniforms

A good medical uniform needs to be well-designed, practical, and comfortable. At Tanner’s Inc. we carry a variety of scrubs and lab coats to suit your needs. When you purchase your medical uniform from Tanner’s Inc. you have the added advantage of having your scrubs or lab coats personalized via embroidery or screen printing. Our medical uniforms are superior in value, quality, and style.

Lab Coats

Medical professionals and scientists need lab coats that are high quality. At Tanner’s Inc. we understand that your lab coat needs to give you an air of confidence, authenticity, and professionalism. We carry high-quality lab coats and have the ability to personalize or customize your lab coats with embroidery or screen printing. Need your name and title on your lab coat? No problem! We’ve got you covered.

School Uniforms

When students wear uniforms to school there are many benefits. Uniforms affect children’s behavior in a positive way, there is less social pressure to dress “cool”, children have a better self-image, school safety increases, and all of the children are on the same level playing field. If your school has, or is considering enforcing school uniforms, Tanner’s Inc. can supply and customize school uniforms for you or your child.

Elementary School Uniforms

In elementary school uniforms are beneficial for both students and parents. It’s easier to dress children for school. Bullying rates reduce in elementary schools that have uniforms and students are more focused on learning than fitting in via dress.

Middle School Uniforms

Middle school is a fragile time for most kids. It’s a time of defining oneself amongst peers. When students wear uniforms in middle school a lot of pressure to fit in with clothing is removed. Students are able to express their personalities in more constructive ways through music, hobbies, or sports.

High School Uniforms<?h2>

In high school, schools that employ school uniforms as the dress code have higher safety rates. It’s easy to spot somebody who doesn’t belong when everyone who does belong is wearing a school uniform. Gang members can’t show their colors either. Rates of success, student pride, and school spirit are also increased in high schools that have school uniforms.

Team Sports Apparel

Whether you’re an athlete or a fan, it’s important to have the right gear. Tanner’s Inc. has a variety of fashionable, breathable, light uniforms for athletes and quality gear for fans. We can personalize or customize your sports uniforms or fan gear with your team name, your name, your number, your favorite athlete’s number, or whatever you desire. We specialize in embroidery and screen printing, but our number one priority is making sure you’re happy with our finished product.

Hospital Uniforms

When you imagine a hospital you probably see a lot of people in uniforms running around and taking care of sick or injured people. At Tanner’s Inc. we take pride in helping medical professionals find uniforms that are excellent and affordable. Medical professionals work so hard to make sure everyone else is cared for and we understand what a taxing job that can be. Our uniforms are high performance, top-of-the-line, fashionable, and comfortable for the medical professionals wearing them.


There are many options when it comes to buying scrubs. Not all scrubs are made alike in style or in quality. At Tanner’s Inc. we carry only the best scrubs available on the market. Over the years scrubs have changed a lot to better suit the needs of the medical professionals wearing them. We carry several lines of scrubs and we make it easy to choose quality scrubs that will suit your needs, style, and personality. We also customize scrubs.

Landau Scrubs

The designers at Landau Scrubs understand that they make scrubs to suit medical professionals. Like Landau, the goal at Tanner’s Inc. is to make sure your needs are met. Landau scrubs are simple, but made from the best fabrics available. Landau scrubs come in a variety of solid colors or prints, allowing for style and functionality.

Urbane Scrubs

Urbane scrubs are available at Tanner’s Inc. as well. Urbane scrubs come in a lot of colors, some are even two-toned. Fun details like lots of pockets make these scrubs a little more interesting and highly practical. Urbane scrubs are exclusively for women and come in a variety of silhouettes and necklines.

Smitten Scrubs

Smitten scrubs are very bold. Bright colors and eye-catching patterns allow the medical professional women who wear these scrubs to exude confidence and show their personalities through fashion while at work. Smitten scrubs are a little more fitted than traditional scrubs, come in modern designs, and have flashy details.

Reunion T-Shirts

Customized t-shirts for a family or high school reunion are a great way to make sure everyone in the group feels included and involved. Like a uniform, when everyone is wearing the same thing it signifies that they belong to a group. Another benefit to designing custom reunion shirts is it makes spotting the people in your group easier. Reunion t-shirts are a great reminder of good times, memories, and stories that were shared during the special event. Reunion t-shirts can be worn and treasured for years to come.

If you need a mug or calendar specially printed for an event, or for your company, Tanner’s will gladly do the job. Just let us know what you want, and we’ll get it done.

About Tampa

Tampa is a city that everyone knows about. Movies have been filmed there, and its international airport makes it a popular and accessible destination for vacationers. Tampa offers an abundance of outdoor activities, inside attractions, and water sports – the famous Busch Gardens and the museums around the city are just a few of the ways you can spend the day. In fact, Tampa is not the only city we serve, see our complete list here.

It’s also a hot spot for sporting events and has quite the culinary scene. Tampa boasts several performing arts organizations and companies, as well as a variety of stage and performing arts venues and theaters. Many pioneers and big names of the death metal genre are based in and around the city.

If you’re ever in the area and you’re looking for a T-shirt to remember your trip by, why not stop by Tanner’s, Inc. and see what we have to offer? Our shop is located just 20 minutes away in Brandon.