At Tanner’s Inc. our priority is making sure our customers are happy! We strive to produce the best quality custom products for your needs. We have over 20 years of experience with embroidery and screen printing and we have a great amount of pride in what we do.

Our state of the art equipment allows us to produce top quality wearables and promotional products. We guarantee everything we do and have uncompromised customer service and values. From an easy and accurate ordering process to the finished product, Tanner’s Inc. will make sure your products turn out exactly as you wished!

If you’re in the Ruskin, FL area, stop by to see for yourself what we’re all about!


Tanner’s, Inc. offers high-quality products fit to be associated with your business name. Whether it’s a bag to advertise your company, a towels specially designed with a special event in mind, we make sure your order turns out the way you want it. Call or send an email – we’ll be glad to help you turn your idea into reality!

Pens & Odds and Ends

Do you need to order pens with your company’s logo on them? Tanner’s will gladly print the design of your choice for your food gift, pens, calendars, and even electronics. You can order a sample of the design to make sure it is what you want, before we complete the order.


Tanner’s, Inc. offers contract embroidery, for those times when you want something a little extra special. Whether it’s infant clothing, a hat, or just a blanket, they’ll embroider it with the design of your choice. Bonus: You can pick what kind of material you want for the order! They offer a variety of fabrics, from no-snag, to no-wrinkle, and even stain-resistant and soil-resistant fabric.

Custom Artwork & Logos

Got a brilliant idea for a unique piece of artwork? Maybe your company is in need of a new logo, something to go with a fresh start? Tanner’s has you covered! We’ll work with you to make sure your logo or custom artwork is turned into something you’ll be proud to display.

Custom Embroidery

Customizing shirts, sweatshirts, polos, bags, hats, or anything that is fabric is a great way to get your name or your company’s name out into the world. Embroidery offers a polished, finished, professional look to items of your choosing. At Tanner’s Inc. we have over 20 years of experience with embroidering fabric, and customer service is our number one priority. We do contract embroidery as well. If you need shirts or uniforms for work or an event, come by and see us.

T-Shirt Design

At Tanner’s Inc. we love helping our customers design their own one-of-a-kind t-shirts! We enjoy collaborating with our clients to come up with fun or professional designs for t-shirts. We can also help you out if you already have a design created. We offer state-of-the-art screen printing services at Tanner’s Inc. and can help your ideas or t-shirt designs come to life!


At Tanner’s Inc. we don’t just specialize in screen printing and embroidery. We’re your one stop shop for uniforms as well. We carry a variety of sports uniforms, medical uniforms, lab coats, scrubs, and school uniforms. Of course we can always customize your uniforms with your name, title, school or work name, logo, or anything of your choosing! Our uniforms are affordable and top of the line. You won’t be disappointed when you order your uniforms from Tanner’s Inc.

Sports Uniforms

Tanner’s Inc. understands that one of the most important pieces of equipment for a sports team is quality uniforms. We carry a variety of uniforms to suit your needs. Tanner’s Inc. has uniforms for teams or individuals that play baseball, basketball, golf, tennis, volleyball, or another sport! Our uniforms are customizable with either screen printing or embroidery options. We carry breathable, flexible, sleek uniforms so you’re comfortable while dominating on the field!

Medical Uniforms

Medical professionals work hard to take care of business and make sure everyone in their care feels better. Tanner’s Inc. wants to work hard to make sure our local professionals are taken care of. We carry the best medical uniforms available so the last thing you have to worry about at work is your clothing. We carry a variety of scrubs and lab coats which can all be customized with your name, title, medical office, logo, or anything you wish to have embroidered on your uniforms.

Lab Coats

Scientists and medical professionals alike need quality lab coats. Your lab coats should give you an air of authority, intelligence, and confidence in the workplace. Tanner’s Inc. understands the importance of quality lab coats for the people who wear them on a daily basis. If you’re a scientist or a doctor, for example, we know you’re going to wear your lab coats a lot! Our lab coats are top of the line and customizable to meet all of your needs.

School Uniforms

When children wear uniforms to school the benefits are profound. Schools that enforce uniforms have higher rates of success, better school spirit, better learning environments, better school safety, and countless other benefits. Tanner’s Inc. carries affordable, easy to clean, and comfortable uniforms for students in elementary, middle, and high school.

Elementary School Uniforms

Some of the benefits seen during the elementary school years with uniforms include less bullying, higher focus from students on learning, ease of preparing children for school each day, and a level playing field socioeconomically for students.

Middle School Uniforms

In middle school, uniforms create a more peaceful learning environment. Students who wear uniforms do not have to worry about fitting in by their dress alone. Middle school students have the opportunity to show their personalities in constructive ways like through art, music, or sports.

High School Uniforms

Benefits to wearing uniforms during the high school years include better school safety, higher success rates for students, and more school spirit. High school students who wear school uniforms are more focused on learning, planning ahead, and getting good grades.

Team Sports Apparel

If you’re a part of a sports team and in need of uniforms, Tanner’s Inc. can help you and your team find quality, breathable, stylish uniforms no matter what sport you play. We also have items available for customization for fans! No matter what your sports needs are, Tanner’s Inc. can provide you with uniforms that can be customized with your team name, individual player’s names and numbers, or your team logo. The choices are up to you and we offer a wide selection of uniforms to choose from.

Hospital Uniforms

Hospitals are for emergencies. As an employee of a hospital, you’re no stranger to emergency situations. However, you should never have to worry about a fashion emergency or wardrobe malfunction while you’re working hard! Tanner’s Inc. carries quality, durable, easy to clean uniforms that will hold up to your bustling workplace and allow you to focus on what really matters. We can customize your uniforms or scrubs with whatever you need as well.


Scrubs are the visual mark of a medical professional. It’s common to see dental hygienists, medical assistants, doctors, nurses, and many other people in the medical field wearing scrubs. Scrubs should be comfortable, sturdy, and professional. If you’re a medical professional looking for quality scrubs, Tanner’s Inc. carries a large variety of scrubs. We have scrubs that are traditional, some that are a little more fashionable, and some that are very modern. We can customize your scrubs with either screen printing or embroidery to suit your needs.

Landau Scrubs

Landau scrubs are the most traditional scrubs we carry. Landau makes their scrubs with the top fabrics available in a variety of styles and cuts for both men and women. Landau scrubs are available in a wide selection of solid colors or prints.

Urbane Scrubs

Urbane scrubs are designed for the medical professional woman. These scrubs come with subtle details, lots of pockets, and in either solid colors or two tone colors. Urbane scrubs are a little more fashionable than traditional scrubs but are still professional.

Smitten Scrubs

Smitten scrubs are for women in the medical field that want to look professional but have fun with their work wardrobe. Smitten scrubs are modern and bold. They come with edgy details, are a little more fitted, and come in bright colors or designs.

Reunion T-Shirts

A great way to commemorate a reunion for many years after the event is with a customized reunion t-shirt. At Tanner’s Inc. we love helping our customers design t-shirts for all sorts of events! Reunions t-shirts are a great way to make sure everyone finds each other at the event site, everyone feels comfortable, and everyone has a keepsake they can treasure for many years to come.

About Ruskin

Located on the western coast of Florida, Riverview is a small town. Bowling alleys, nature preserves, and charter fishing are available. If you bring your dog with you, there’s a dog park for a change of pace from daily walks. For the artistically-inclined, there are painting classes available, during which you can enjoy a drink or two (strictly BYOB). For more choices of entertainment, venture out to the surrounding cities like Tampa Bay. Also, see our other cities we serve client here.

A bit of trivia: Many of the radio and television stations in Tampa Bay broadcast from an antenna farm located southeast of Riverview. It might be fun to try and find it, just to say you saw it. By the way, since Riverview is only about 19 minutes away from Tanner’s, Inc. (their store is in Brandon) why not drop in and see what they have to offer?