Tanner’s Inc. provides businesses, schools, companies, and organizations in the Plant City, FL area with quality customized wearables and promotional products. We love building customer relationships and would love to help you with your embroidery and screen printing needs!

We have over 20 years of experience in embroidering and screen printing. Our number one passion, however, is making sure our customers are satisfied with their finished products! We guarantee everything we sell and produce.

We can help with designing t-shirts and artwork, promise easy and accurate ordering, and guarantee on-time delivery. Your products are also guaranteed to come out exactly as they were ordered, accurate, clean, beautiful, meeting all of your expectations.

Embroidery Services To Plant City, FL

To start, Tanner’s does contract embroidery. Be it sportswear, a hat, a blanket, or infant clothes, they’ll embroider it with a team logo or another design of your choice. You can even choose what type of fabric you want!

Promotional Products

Tanner’s can make also that special mug, ink pen, or calendar for an event or a company. We also offer food gifts and electronics. You can order a sample of the design, so you can check that it is what you want before we complete your project.

Screen Printing

Screen-printed bags and towels are another way you can remember a special occasion, or you can just give one as a gift. The staff at Tanner’s, Inc. will make sure you get a product that is of high quality, with a personalized touch. Just let them know what you have in mind – they’ll do their best to make sure you get an item to be proud of.

Custom Artwork and Design

Looking to get some custom artwork done, either for yourself or your company? Have an idea for a logo? Tell the staff at Tanner’s, Inc. and they’ll work with you to make sure the final product is just the way you want it.

If you’re a Plant City resident looking to get a custom banner, T-shirt, or other items, you don’t have to go far to find great service, just give us a call! Back to our main list.

T-Shirt Design

Perhaps one of our favorite things to do at Tanner’s Inc. is to help our customers bring their design ideas to reality. We also thoroughly enjoy helping customers design and create custom t-shirts for gatherings, parties, or events. The options are unlimited at Tanner’s Inc. and we carry high-quality moisture-wicking t-shirts. If you have an idea or a design already made, we can help you create custom t-shirts!

Custom Logos

Visually, one of the most important things a company can have is a logo. A logo reminds customers about your business. A good logo reminds them of what your company is about. It’s the face of your company. At Tanner’s Inc. we can help you design a quality logo for your company. Your logo can then be embroidered or printed on a variety of items or shirts for marketing purposes. A custom logo will help your business grow!


At Tanner’s Inc. we carry uniforms for medical personnel, students, and athletes. Our uniforms are all of the highest quality available and we guarantee everything we sell. The added benefit of purchasing your uniforms from Tanner’s Inc. is the ability to have your uniforms customized or personalized with your name, school or work name, title, or anything you’d like! With custom embroidery, there are many options, including a wide selection of color options.

Sports Uniforms

Do you or your child need uniforms for your favorite sport? At Tanner’s Inc. we carry uniforms for baseball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, soccer, golf, and many other sports! All of our uniforms are lightweight, breathable, comfortable, easy to clean, and durable to stand up to your most grueling game! We can screen print or embroider your uniforms to customize them to your specific team as well!

Medical Uniforms

Are you a medical professional in search of high quality but affordable uniforms for your job? Tanner’s Inc. has what you’re looking for! We carry a variety of scrubs and lab coats to suit your needs. Do you need to have your name or workplace stitched onto your scrubs or lab coats? We can help you there as well! We guarantee everything we sell and we have samples of our embroidery work available for you to look at.

Lab Coats

Lab coats should look professional, fit well, and be durable. Tanner’s Inc. understands that the medical and scientific professionals that wear lab coats to work every day have other things to focus on at work. This is why Tanner’s Inc. carries only the best customizable lab coats to meet your professional expectations and needs. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal, and we’ll make sure you’re satisfied with the finished product!

School Uniforms

Tanner’s Inc. carries uniforms for elementary, middle, and high school students. Our school uniforms are modest, comfortable, easy to clean, and sturdy. Uniforms have shown to have many benefits while worn during the formative years of a child’s life and during schooling. Our uniforms are customizable to reflect your student’s name, school, or school logo.

Elementary School Uniforms

In elementary school, students benefit from wearing uniforms because their learning environments are less distracting and more constructive. Incidents of bullying are reduced as well. It is said to be easier to prep elementary aged children for school when they wear uniforms and good hygiene habits are established early when elementary students wear uniforms.

Middle School Uniforms

In middle school, students benefit from wearing school uniforms because they do not have the added pressure of making sure they’re wearing the trendiest clothes or competing with one another over fashion. Students are able to let their personalities shine through sports, arts, or music.

High School Uniforms

In high school, students benefit greatly from wearing school uniforms. Safety is increased and students can focus on what’s really important, learning! High schools that use school uniforms have better test scores, the students have more self confidence, are more successful, and school spirit is increased.

Team Sports Apparel

If you’re a part of a sports team, or your child is a part of a sports team, you’re going to need uniforms that can stand up to your sport. Tanner’s Inc. carries a variety of uniforms that are sleek, comfortable, easy to clean, and durable to suit any team’s needs. Are you a fan looking for gear to help you root for your favorite team? We can help you there too! We carry hats, bags, towels, and many other items that can be customized with your team’s name and/or logo.

Hospital Uniforms

Are you a medical professional that works in a busy hospital? Tanner’s Inc. understands that the last thing you want to worry about is your uniform; you’ve got other things to focus on while at work! We carry only the best scrubs and lab coats to suit all of your uniform needs. We also have over 20 years of experience with embroidery and screen printing so we can customize your uniforms with whatever you’d like as well.


Scrubs are one of the marks of a medical professional. There is something calming about seeing a nurse or doctor in scrubs, looking professional and caring, when you’re not feeling well. Tanner’s Inc. understands that if you’re a medical professional that you’re constantly taking care of everyone else. Tanner’s Inc. is honored to supply the best scrubs for the medical professionals in our community that work hard to make sure everyone else feels good! We want you to feel good in your scrubs and we carry multiple lines of scrubs to make it easy to choose a style that fits your personality and needs.

Landau Scrubs

If you’re looking for traditional scrubs, then search no further than Landau scrubs. Landau scrubs are the most traditional line of scrubs that we offer. They come in a variety of solid colors or in prints. These scrubs are made from top of the line material, are well made, and are designed for either men or women.
Urbane Scrubs

Urbane scrubs are a little more modern, coming in single tone, or two toned colors. These scrubs have lots of functional pockets, simple details, and are made in a variety of styles. Urbane scrubs are exclusively made for women.

Smitten Scrubs

Smitten scrubs are for the medical professional women who want a more contemporary, or modern, look while at work. Smitten scrubs come in bright colors, bold prints, and have edgy details. These scrubs are made exclusively for women and come in more fitted silhouettes.

Reunion T-Shirts

Reunion t-shirts are a great way to commemorate a great reunion! If you’re having a reunion or thinking of throwing a reunion, let Tanner’s Inc. help you design a custom reunion t-shirt for your group. We carry high quality, moisture-wicking t-shirts in many different sizes to suit the entire group. A custom t-shirt is sure to wow every member of the group and make everyone feel included.

About Plant City

Originally known for cotton, Plant City has since become known as the Winter Strawberry Capital of the World. There’s even an annual festival to celebrate this much-lauded fruit and it’s one of the biggest events in Plant City. The ten-day festival draws crowds from all over central Florida, as well as from outside the USA.

Unfortunately, for any artists or crafty types looking to leave their mark on the city, murals have been banned since 2009. You can, however, get a booth at the th strawberry festival to showcase your work and sell your wares. You’ll be in good company as vendors come to the festival to enjoy the live entertainment while showing off their talents to the delight of the crowd!

Whether you’re local to the area, or just visiting, there’s nothing quite like a T-shirt to remember a special day! Tanner’s, Inc. offers a variety of services from our shop in Brandon, located just over 22 miles away. Drop in and see what’s going on!