If you live in Lakeland, FL or nearby, stop by Tanner’s Inc. to see for yourself why businesses, companies, and organizations in your community love using Tanner’s Inc. for all of their customized wearable and promotional goods!

At Tanner’s Inc. the most important thing to us is that our customers are satisfied with their orders. Customer relationships and customer service are at the top of our priority list and we guarantee that you’ll be happy with your order, or your money back!

We have over 20 years of experience with screen printing and embroidery and use only the best materials and state of the art equipment. We love collaborating with our clients to create truly one-of-a-kind items and we make the ordering process simple, fast, and accurate. We guarantee that your order will be on time, as it was ordered, and that you’ll be happy with your finished product.

Here at Tanner’s Inc. we love that we are known for our speedy and customer-friendly delivery as well as being the best of the best when it comes to customer service. Our proud clients include people from Plant City, Riverview, Tampa, and Apollo Beach. See our entire city list here.

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Design Your Own Shirt!

Have a birthday party, family reunion or perhaps a family vacation coming up? With us, you can design your very own T-Shirt, great for all sorts of occasions, and this way you can get EXACTLY what you want! With so many things you can use your custom designed T-Shirt for, the possibilities are truly endless! Brings your ideas to us, we would love to hear them! Call or email us today!

Embroidery / Contract Embroidery

Here at Tanner’s Inc. we provide you with fabrics for your promotional wearables that are super easy to care for. With us, pockets, no-shrink and snag-proof fabric, as well as so much more are a breeze!
Don’t Limit Yourself to just T-Shirts!

Don’t limit us or yourself! We can print designs on your electronics, calendars, dishes, pens and so much more! Send us YOUR ideas for an amazing product with a personal feel.

Screen Printing

Tanner’s Inc. has the deep desire to make sure you get exactly what you want and for the end result to be the very best it can be. We offer screen printing in order to do just that! Call or email us today!

Custom Designed Artwork and Logos

With our custom-designed banners and displays, you can make your company stand out above the crowd. If you are unsure of what you desire, we are right here to assist you! Make your custom artwork a reality today!

Promotional Products

Tanner’s Inc. doesn’t just customize or personalize fabric materials and goods! We can also customize mugs, pens, calendars, or just about anything you can think of! These products make great gifts or are a great way to promote your company. When you have pens to hand out, it reminds people of your company every time they use them! Gifting these products to current customers or clients is also a great way to show your appreciation for their support and business.


Tanner’s Inc. has a huge variety of uniforms to choose from. We carry medical uniforms, lab coats, scrubs, elementary school uniforms, middle school uniforms, high school uniforms, sports uniforms, hospital uniforms, and even team sports apparel. All of the uniforms we offer are top of the line, customizable, and affordable. Tanner’s Inc. is your one stop shop for uniforms and customization via embroidery or screen printing!

Sports Uniforms

Athletes work hard. They spend countless hours training for their sport. The uniforms they wear get put through the ringer. Tanner’s Inc. understands how hard athletes prepare to play their best on the field. We work hard to provide you and/or your team with quality uniforms that can stand up to the challenge! Our uniforms are sturdy, stylish, comfortable, breathable, and sleek. No matter what sport you play, Tanner’s Inc. is sure to have a uniform that will meet your needs. We carry baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, golf, and many other uniforms! All of our uniforms can be personalized with your name, team name, or number.

Medical Uniforms

Tanner’s Inc. carries scrubs and lab coats so no matter what your uniform needs are, if you work in the medical field, Tanner’s Inc. can provide. Our medical uniforms will stand up to the rigorous challenge of a medical environment. We carry only the top brands of scrubs and lab coats, which are all customizable via embroidery or screen printing. Customer service is our number one priority and we are honored to help our local medical professionals.

Lab Coats

Lab coats found at Tanner’s Inc. are the best quality. We carry lab coats for scientists, doctors, or any professional that requires a lab coat at work. We understand that a lab coat is your uniform and needs to protect the clothing underneath; this is why we carry only the best. If you’re in need of a lab coat, and/or customization of a lab coat, Tanner’s Inc. can supply you with quality lab coats and/or expertly finished embroidery to suit your needs.

School Uniforms

School uniforms are so much more than just garments children wear to school every day. When schools enforce uniforms as their dress code, the benefits of wearing school uniforms become obvious. School uniforms promote a better learning environment, reduce incidences of school violence and bullying, increase student confidence, increase school spirit, and have countless other advantages. If your school, or your student’s school, is considering school uniforms, look no further than Tanner’s Inc. for purchase and customization.

Elementary School Uniforms

In elementary school, uniforms have been shown to improve student’s learning environment, reduce distractions in the classroom, and decrease bullying. Students who wear uniforms during elementary school are also taught better grooming habits from an early age.

Middle School Uniforms

In middle school, uniforms allow students to identify their personalities to their peers through constructive and healthy ways. The pressure to dress ‘cool’ is reduced and the students can excel at music, sports, or other extra-curricular activities to express their interests.

High School Uniforms

In high school, uniforms have been shown to greatly improve school safety. People who don’t belong at the school are easy to identify because they’re not in a uniform. Students have an easier time focusing on studies, perform better, and are better at planning for their futures. School spirit is also better in high schools that have uniforms.

Team Sports Apparel

Are you a part of a sports team? Does your team need apparel? Tanner’s Inc. carries a large variety of apparel and uniforms for several sports and fans! We can customize your team uniforms or help you design fan gear for the people who watch and root for your team. We have hats, t-shirts, bags, and other customizable items for fans.

Hospital Uniforms

Tanner’s Inc. knows how hard medical professionals employed by hospitals work! You’re always busy taking care of everyone else, and Tanner’s Inc. wants to take care of you! We carry top of the line scrubs and lab coats to suit your uniform needs. All of our scrubs and lab coats can be customized with either embroidery or screen printing. When you’re in a busy hospital, working hard, the last thing you should have to worry about is the quality and appearance of your uniform. At Tanner’s Inc. we guarantee everything we sell and our main priority is making sure you’re happy with the finished product.


Scrubs are uniforms that medical professionals wear everyday to work. They should be comfortable, functional, keep you clean, and keep you safe. At Tanner’s Inc. we carry only the best scrubs available on the market. When you purchase scrubs from us, you have the added benefit of being able to have your scrubs personalized with your name, establishment, title, or whatever you’d like. Tanner’s Inc. is your one stop shop for all of your uniform needs.

Landau Scrubs

When it comes to traditional, comfy, professional scrubs, Landau scrubs are the best fit! Landau scrubs are made from quality material, constructed well, come in a variety of fits for both men and women, and are very professional. Landau scrubs come in a large variety of solid colors or prints.
Urbane Scrubs

Urbane scrubs are a little more modern, but still very professional. Urbane scrubs are exclusively for women. These scrubs include fun but subtle details, lots of pockets, and come in one or two tone colors. Urbane scrubs come in a variety of styles to suit any medical professional woman’s needs.

Smitten Scrubs

If you’re looking for modern scrubs that will make you stand out in your working environment, Smitten scrubs are for you! Scrubs by Smitten are bold, fun, and come in a lot of bright colors or wild patterns. Smitten scrubs also have edgy details and are more fitted. Smitten scrubs are exclusively for women.

Reunion T-Shirts

Reunion t-shirts are a great idea if you’re throwing a family reunion or are in charge of a school reunion. At Tanner’s Inc. we love helping our clients design one-of-a-kind reunion t-shirts! If you already have a design in mind, we can help you upload your file for screen printing. Reunion t-shirts are a great keepsake!

About Lakeland

Lakeland is the lesser known sister city of Tampa, and was also one of the sites that were used to film Edward Scissorhands! With a great history and lots of incredible historical districts, it is a great place to visit and live. If you are around Lakeland, make sure you come visit us!