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Best Custom Embroidery in Brandon, FL

Tanner's Inc. Embroidery

Embroidery is used to create beautiful and lasting designs. Although in the past, designs had to be hand-stitched, today, this process is performed by our high-tech sewing machines equipped with several needles and specialty software. We proudly use these tools to provide our clients with personalized embroidery right at our facility.
With over 20 years of experience, we stand behind the quality of our work!

We Take A LOT of Pride in Our Digitizing for Embroidery Designs!

A lot of times several edits have to be made to a logo before we are even able to show it to you.
With our digitizing service, we also do a sew out for you at no additional charge. This sew out is yours for approval before we embroider your garments. That way you 100% know what your logo will look like in stitches and it’s not a surprise once all your items are already embroidered.
It is so important when looking for a company to do your digitizing that they are using the best of the best software.
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What Does it Mean to Digitize a Logo for Embroidery?

Digitizing is the process of converting your logo into something that can be stitched out on your garment. There is an art to it that makes it look really good. If it’s not done properly, it will look really bad.
Digitizing is super important when you are creating a logo for embroidery. There are a lot of factors that come into play.
  • What material will you be ordering?
  • Will you eventually be ordering hats?
  • Do you have tiny letters in your logo?
  • Do you have a lot of shading?
  • How large/small do you want your logo to be?
  • Is your logo even ” embroidery friendly?”
  • A little tip…
    The quality of your digitizing determines how well your logo is going to look once placed on your items.
    Bad/cheap digitizing = Bad embroidered logo.

Embroidery Pricing Is Based on Stitch Count

Both the size and intricacy of your design determine the price.  Due to the fact that company logos must be digitized in order to be embroidered, this service tends to be at a higher price point than other services such as screen printing.

Quality Matters.

We take no shortcuts when it comes to setting your logo up for embroidery or embroidering it for that matter. We use the best of the best of EVERYTHING.
From our needles and thread to backing, etc.
Stop by our showroom and see the difference for yourself.
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